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Studios try to lessen what's lost in translationを読んで改めて感じたのが、映像翻訳の仕上がりはキャラのイメージに多大な影響を与えるということ(当然といえば当然なのですがが)。私も字幕を手がける時は神経を使います。

Pixar Animation's "Cars 2" went out this summer in 44 different languages. And every country faced the same problem when it came to dubbing the aw-shucks ramblings of one of the movie's lead characters — the country bumpkin tow truck Mater, voiced in the movie by Larry the Cable Guy.

"Mater's kind of a redneck, but that means nothing to anyone overseas because they don't have that particular vocal culture," says Rick Dempsey, senior vice president of Disney Character Voices. "So we had to figure out what region of Germany, for example, has more of an uneducated population without being offensive."


Both translation processes pose particular challenges, most notably for talky comedies, especially the crop of raunchy, R-rated versions out this summer. Translators using subtitles must condense dialogue, cutting proper names and modifiers to maintain the gist of what's being said without overwhelming the audience with too many words to read.


Studios try to lessen what's lost in translation

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