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タニグチ vs. KPS 最高裁「通訳と翻訳は別物」

このブログで何度か報告しているTaniguchi vs. KPSの事案ですが、ついに判決が出ました。

米最高裁判決文 Taniguchi vs. KPS
The costs that may be awarded to prevailing parties in lawsuits brought in federal court are set forth in 28 U. S. C. §1920. The Court Interpreters Act amendedthat statute to include “compensation of interpreters.”§1920(6); see also §7, 92 Stat. 2044. The question pre- sented in this case is whether “compensation of interpreters” covers the cost of translating documents. Because the ordinary meaning of the word “interpreter” is a person who translates orally from one language to another, we hold that “compensation of interpreters” is limited to the cost of oral translation and does not include the cost of document translation.
Respondent also observes that some translation tasks are not entirely oral or entirely written. Id., at 20–24. One task, called “‘sight translation,’” involves the oral translation of a document.
サイト・トランスレーションは通訳に近い行為なのにtranslation(翻訳)と呼ばれている。だからinterpreter/translatorの厳密な区別は難しいと主張していたのです。確かにこれは一理あって、今となってはなぜsight interpretingと最初から呼ばなかったかが悔やまれるところです。


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