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【検索用】沖縄総合事務局 組織の英訳名

内閣府沖縄総合事務局   Okinawa General Bureau, Cabinet Office

局長   Director-General, Okinawa General Bureau, Cabinet Office
次長   Deputy Director-General,Okinawa General Bureau, Cabinet Office
部・課長等   Director of...

内閣府事務官   Official, Cabinet Office
内閣府技官   Technical Official, Cabinet Office

総務部   General Affairs Department
  総務課   General Affairs Division
  人事課   Personnel Division
  会計課   Accounts Division
  調査企画課   Research and Planning Division
  跡地利用対策課   Division for Redevelopment of Military Base Conversion Sites
  公正取引室   Fair Trade Office
  振興企画官 Senior Officer for Promotion and Planning
  (主任)調査官   (Lead) Administrator for Research
  監査官   Director for Audit
  情報管理官   Director for Information System Management
  庁舎管理官 Director for Government Office Management

財務部   Finance Department
  財務課   Budget and Funds Division
  理財課   Financial Division
  検査課   Inspection Division
  金融監督課   Banking Facilities Division
  管財総括課   National Property Coordination Division
  証券取引等監視官   Director of Securities and Exchange Surveillance Department
  統括国有財産管理官   Supervisory Officer for National Property Management
  宮古財務出張所   Miyako Branch-Office of Finance Department
  八重山財務出張所   Yaeyama Branch-Office of Finance Department

農林水産部   Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Department
  農政課   Agricultural Administration Division
  経営課   Management Improvement Division
  土地改良課   Land Improvement Division
  生産振興課   Agricultural Production and Livestock Industry Division
  統計調査課   Statistics and Survey Division
  消費・安全課   Food Safety and Consumer Division
  食品・環境課   Food and Environment Division
  林務水産課   Forestry and Fisheries Division
  総務調整官   Senior Officer for Administrative Coordination
  首席企画指導官   Senior Officer for Policy Planning
  那覇農林水産センター   Naha Agriculture,Forestry and Fisheries Center
  名護農林水産センター   Nago Agriculture,Forestry and Fisheries Center
  宮古島農林水産センター   Miyakojima Agriculture,Forestry and Fisheries Center
  石垣農林水産センター   Ishigaki Agriculture,Forestry and Fisheries Center
  土地改良総合事務所   Land Improvement General Office
  伊江農業水利事業所   Ie National Irrigation Project Office 
  宮古伊良部農業水利事業所   Miyakoirabu National Irrigation Project Office


経済産業部   Economy, Trade and Industry Department
  政策課   Policy Division
  企画振興課   Development Planning and Promotion Division
  地域経済課   Economic Policy Division
  商務通商課   Commerce and Distribution Division
  中小企業課   Small and Medium Enterprises Division
  環境資源課   Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Division
  エネルギー対策課   Energy Policy Division
  石油・ガス課  Petroleum and Gas Division
開発建設部   Development Construction Department
  管理課   Administration Division
  用地課   Land Acquisitions Division
  防災課   Disaster Prevention and Relief Division
  技術管理課   Engineering Management Division
  港湾計画課   Port Planning Division
  港湾建設課   Port Construction Division
  空港整備課    Airport Construction Division
  港湾空港防災・危機管理課 Port and Airport Disaster Prevention, Security and Emergency Division
  建設行政課   Construction Administration Division
  建設産業・地方整備課   Construction Industry and Regional development Division
  河川課   River Division
  流域調整課   Basin Coordination Division
  道路建設課   Road Construction Division
  道路管理課   Road Management Division
  建設工務室  Construction Engineering Works Office
  営繕課   Government Buildings Division
  営繕監督保全室   Government Buildings Construction Supervision and FacilityManagement Planning Office

 企画調整官   Senior Officer, for Planning and Coordination
  総務調整官   Senior Officer for Administrative Coordination
  営繕調査官   Senior Officer, for Government Buildings
  技術管理官   Senior Officer, for Engineering Management
  港湾空港指導官   Senior Officer for Port and Airport Policy Planning
  公園・まちづくり調整官   Senior Officer for Park and Urban Policy Management
  港湾空港情報管理官   Senior Officer for Port and Airport  Information Management
  低潮線保全官    Senior Officer for Low-water Line Conservation
  収用認定調整官   Senior Coordinator for Expropriation Authorization
  景観環境事業調整官   Landscape for Environment Project Coordination
  官庁施設保全指導官   Director of Government Facility Management and Maintenance Planning
  監査官   Director for inspection
  総括検査・技術指導官   Senior Officer for Inspection and Engineering of the Construction
  災害査定官   Disaster Assessment Officer
  港湾空港技術対策官   Senior Officer, for port and Airport Engineering
  用地官   Senior Officer, for Land Acquisitions
  営繕技術専門官   Government Buildings Engineering and Planning Officer
  営繕監督官   Government Buildings Construction Supervisor
  北部ダム事務所   North Dam Construction Office
  北部ダム統合管理事務所   North Dam Integrated Control Office 
  南部国道事務所   South National Highways Office
  北部国道事務所   North National Highways Office
  那覇港湾・空港整備事務所   Naha Ports and Airport Office 
  平良港湾事務所   Hirara Port Office
  石垣港湾事務所   Ishigaki Port Office
  国営沖縄記念公園事務所   Okinawa Commemorative National Government Park Office 

運輸部   Transport Department
  企画室   Planning Office
  総務運航課   General Affairs and Maritime Transport Division
  船舶船員課   Ship Administration and Seafarers Division
  監査指導課   Business Inspection Division
  陸上交通課   Road Transport Division
  車両安全課   Vehicle Safety Division
  海事振興調整官    Senior Coordinator for Maritime Policy 
  国際観光調整官   Senior Coordinator for International Tourism
  海事保安・事故対策調整官   Senior Coordinator for Maritime Security and Accidents  
  (首席)運航労務監理官   (Principal)Safety Management and Seafarers Labor Inspectior
  (首席)海事技術専門官   (Principal)Maritime Technical Officer
  (首席)海技試験官   (Principal)Ship Officers Examiner
  (首席)外国船舶監督官   (Principal)Port State Control Officer
  陸運事務所   Land Transport Office
  宮古運輸事務所   Miyako Transport Office
  八重山運輸事務所   Yaeyama Transport Office

  沖縄位置境界明確化審議会   Okinawa Council for Clear Boundary Definitions 
  国有財産沖縄地方審議会   Okinawa Regional Council on National Property 
  沖縄地方鉱業協議会   Council for Okinawa Mining Region
  沖縄地方交通審議会   Okinawa Council for Regional Transport

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