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最高裁アップデート(タニグチ vs. KPS)

約一ヶ月前に翻訳と通訳は同じか?米最高裁で決戦! で報告したケースがあれからどうなったかというと・・・

Matter of Interpretation: Supreme Court Sympathetic to Japanese Litigant




JUSTICE ALITO: Somebody did a computer search in the database of, let's say, newspaper articles and magazine articles for use of the term "interpreter" in relationship to a foreign language. And let's say you look at 1,000 hits. How many of those do you think would use the term "interpreter" to refer to rendering a written document from one language to another?

MR. HIMMELFARB: I would not be at all surprised if it was more than 50 percent of the hits that used it in its narrower sense.

JUSTICE SOTOMAYOR: You are like daring Justice Alito to go do this now.


MR. HIMMELFARB: However --

JUSTICE ALITO: How much would you bet?


JUSTICE ALITO: If you bet me enough, I will look at 1,000, I would be surprised if it's 2 percent.


2 件のコメント:

David さんのコメント...

I think it will really come down to Justice Sotomayor who is bilingual and has much more actual bench experience than the other justices in this area.

One interesting question was posed by the Chief Justice, which focused on the threat during proceedings of a council asking that thousands of pages of documents be translated with the implication that the other side might wind up bearing the cost of that translation. Another example of procedure carrying more weight than substance.

Mike Sekine さんのコメント...

Not sure about the decision coming down to Judge Sotomayor. I read "The Nine" a couple of years ago and learned that Judges, especially Scalia and Thomas, prefer to work alone and are rarely influenced by the opinions of others. I would assume that the Judges have made up their mind already.